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If you’re looking for a Philadelphia Carpet Cleaning Company, look no further!


We believe that your carpets and home deserve to look as good as new and this means they also need the most professional experience and care. We realize that it is almost impossible to keep your carpets perfectly clean all the time, and sometimes you just need help getting them clean for now. This is why we have put together competitive rug cleaning packages for you to choose from to ensure that all local homeowners and renters can afford to keep them clean!


Finding a carpet cleaning company to hire in Philadelphia is not that hard thing to do. But finding a professional carpet cleaning service in Philadelphia is! And that is where we come in! We take all of the pain and agony out of finding the right carpet cleaning company, as we simply put, are the pro’s (aka professionals)! Looking to get the stains out of your five-year-old carpet, or the wine stain out of the sofa? Does your almost fifteen-year-old dog just keep going to the bathroom inside or did your toddler throw their mac and cheese everywhere? Need your carpets or furniture cleaned just in time for the family holiday dinner? Give us a call! We have flexible time slots and use the best cleaning products, and we love a challenge!


Some carpet cleaning companies in Philadelphia only offer one type of cleaning product or solution, but not us! We know that not all clients or carpets are the same, so we have a wide variety of carpet cleaning services such as:


  • Deep clean carpet cleaning
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Area rug cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Pet Stain Removal
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Drapery cleaning


We are located in the heart of Philadelphia but our services extend all over the Philadelphia and Tristate area. When we say we travel for our clients; we mean it! We service from Northeast Philadelphia all the way down to the airport, to Newtown and Yardley! With our certified team of carpet cleaners and our expansive territory, there is probably a small chance we do not service our local area for carpet cleaning or any of our other services. So feel free to give us a call today to see when we are able to get to your home to serve you.


There is a reason we are the top carpet cleaning company, and it’s a lot more than just our 5-star ratings….it’s because we do the best job, every time! We are focused on customer service and because of that, we are the most affordable carpet cleaners in the area. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services and have been serving your neighborhood for the last five years happily, and successfully.


With our Philadelphia carpet cleaners traveling throughout the Tristate area, we believe to be successful they need to be highly trained, educated, and use only the top-of-the-line products and equipment. Over the last five years, we have focused on using only safe organic products to keep children and furry friends (who are really like family) safe!


Besides the standard carpet cleaning services we offer, we also offer additional carpet related services. Our technicians are cross-trained in carpet repair, carpet stretching, and installation as well. For some of these services, like carpet stretching, in order to give accurate estimates, the rug cleaner will need to analyze the situation and determine the best and most effective strategy for the carpet repair.


We pride ourselves on being the best Philadelphia carpet repair expert! Whether you need cleaning, replacement, stretching, or even just maintenance, we are your one-stop carpet cleaning company. Once you try the “Pro’s” we know you won’t want to try anyone else for cleaning services!

However, before we forget, we don’t just service residential homeowners or renters; we also offer commercial cleaning for small and large businesses. Our commercial services include carpet cleaning, janitorial service, window cleaning!


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    Carpet CleaningPet Stain RemovalUpholstery CleaningMattress CleaningArea Rug Cleaning

    Some of our recent work:

    Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia

    We Know Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia

    & while we don’t mean to brag…we are the highest-rated cleaning company in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. So if you’re looking to get the best Philadelphia carpet cleaning company for your home, give us a call today!

    More about our Services:



    Maybe you’re just looking to make your carpets look new again or have your rugs cleaned. We love getting carpets cleaned, and love all carpets equally. You love your home, and we take pride in taking care of your home for you. Let us show you what a new clean carpet can do for your home and family.


    Your sofa’s, mattresses also need and should be cleaned too! The same care we take to clean carpets is the same time and quality we put into upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning, and drapery cleaning. Find out what makes us different than other carpet cleaners.


    Grout lines get dirty fast, think kitchen spills. Your normal water and mop may seem like they’re getting the tile and grout cleaners but instead, they are just moving around the dirt into the grout lines. Good thing for you, we love dirt and we especially love tile and grout cleaning.


    Oriental rugs are beautiful, but they need to be handled with care…and cleaned with extra care. Here, our top professionals how to clean your oriental rugs with care while properly treating them to bring out their natural beauty.


    Life happens, and we get that. Don’t stress the small stuff or even the big stuff. When it comes to stain removal, we got you covered. From pet stains to red wine, we have the right combo to remove stains.


    We understand that sometimes your second home is your office and that sometimes those carpets need a little extra TLC. We offer competitive commercial cleaning packages to fit all budgets. Please contact us today to speak with a commercial carpet cleaning specialist.

    Still not sure you should choose us for your carpet cleaning over the competition?  Let us tell you why you should.

    1) We’re local, and family-owned and operated. This means we get 90% of our business from referrals. And while that might not seem like an important factor when picking a local Philadelphia carpet cleaning company, but it is. It means our customers are satisfied with our cleaning services and keep coming back for other professional cleaning treatments and referring their family and friends. In the business world, that a big deal. Repeat customers and referrals mean customers are happy which also means we provide a quality service. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and see for yourself what you are missing out on.


    2) We have flexible scheduling. We understand that you have a lot on your plate, with work, kids, coordinating dinner, and enjoying life. We get it, who wants to sit around thinking about cleaning your carpets or upholstery might not be your priority, and might not feel like you have the time. We can and will work around your schedule and be flexible to your needs. We can offer appointments on short notice, on weekends, or in the morning, and the kicker? We’ll be on time! We know; that is a pretty big deal coming from a cleaning company. Let us know when works best for you and will be there on time to show you why we are known as the professional carpet cleaning Philadelphia resident’s trust!


    3) We have been offering carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning services for over five years. Our carpet cleaning professionals have seen it all, the good bad, and the ugly. We believe in customer satisfaction, and strive to make sure your carpets are not only clean, but your entire home is cared for as if it was our own. Our top of the line and eco-friendly carpet cleaning products along with our top of the line strong vacuums, keep your carpets only a little damp compared to other companies who leave it very wet. It also does not damage but maintains the health of your carpets. We believe in using quality products and being the best carpet cleaning company in Philadelphia, so we make sure to use the best top of the line cleaning products.


    We could go on and on about we’re the best carpet cleaners in Philly, but why don’t you try out one of our services listed below and find out why we are known as the top carpet cleaners in Philadelphia Companies…but we think you should just us try us out to see for yourself.

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    Our most common FAQ: How often should I clean or get my carpets cleaned?

    Well, if it’s up to us…that number is probably high. But we understand that not everyone can get their carpets cleaned month, so here are some of the Environmental guidelines to help you determine if it’s time to get your carpets cleaned. It’s based on a variety of factors.


    How many people live in the home?


    • The more people, the more likely your carpets will need to be cleaned more frequently. Think about it this way, if you are married and have 3 kids, that’s a total of 5 people living in your home (not including animals). How many times have you or your kids walked into the house without taking their shoes off? Probably too many to count. Dirt gets trapped within your shoes, your pets’ furry little paws, and gets within your carpet, tile, furniture. And we’re not saying if you live alone you don’t have the same issue, just on a smaller scale, which means you may need to clean less


    Do you have any pets? How many? What kind?


    • Pets can leave dander and hair in your carpet and upholstery….not to mention they track in mud, dirt, bugs and they shed (unless they are hypo-allergenic). Frequent maintenance like vacuuming, and sweeping are fine for the short-term, but even the neatest of neat freaks need the care of professional cleaners sometimes. Our top of the line equipment is strong enough to get the tough stains out, but gentle enough to ensure no damage to your carpets, and we offer eco-friendly products with every service for no additional charge to keep your family and pets safe!


    Does anyone live in the home have allergies?


    • If yes, you should clean them more frequently as it could be triggered or made worse by unclean carpet! We have been working in Philadelphia and surrounding areas for over 5+ years. It seems that every year the complaints of allergies get worse. Our cleaning experts are well aware of treatments that may best serve not only your home, office, or carpets but can recommend services based on your allergies. Keeping your home and office clean of dander, dirt, and pollen will allow you to breathe easier, and suffer less.


    Does anyone smoke in the home?


    • if so, nicotine can get absorbed into the carpets, draperies, upholstery…which if left too long can linger and be difficult to get out. Lucky for you, we’re the Pro’s and have come up with our very own and unique blend of products that not only get your furniture looking beautiful, clean, and years younger, but it repels and removes stains of nicotine! When we say to remove, we don’t just mean your carpets smell good until the next day. We deodorize your furniture and carpet to release the absorption of stains and odors which helps remove old stains while our cleaning products help protect from new ones.


    How old are your carpet/carpets?


    • The older your carpets get, the more dirty and dingy they are going to look…it’s a fact. However, will a simple schedule of maintenance cleaning in addition to our scheduled professional cleaning services, your carpets, grout, and tile and furniture can look newer, stay clean longer, and you will be more satisfied.


    Where are the carpets located?


    • If they are by entranceways, or outside mats they are more likely to get dirty and need to be cleaned more. The higher traffic areas have more opportunities for stains, and normal wear and tear so it’s those areas that need to be treated more frequently.
    On average, the recommendation is about 4-18 months based on the answers above. But if you ask us, you can never clean your carpets too much… and since we love new (and repeat!) customers we love to give out carpet cleaning coupons and discounts! Give us a call today and one of our carpet cleaners can discuss packages and options that can best fit your needs and budgets.


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