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When the amateurs can’t cut it, you gotta call the pros’…

Our carpet cleaning company established in 2012 after years of home and office cleaning in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We decided to expand and grow our business five years ago and found a need for carpet cleaning companies with flexibility in scheduling, negotiable prices and packages for business owner’s and more importantly, a company people could trust.


Reliability and trustworthiness are the backbones of our company. Being the local carpet cleaning that you can refer to your friends and family is what keeps us going and pushes us to greater heights.


We pride ourselves in being the best carpet cleaning company in Philly not only for our customer service (which we know is #1) but for the results…because we know, without that, nothing else matters.


Everything is done in-house, by a team you can rely on and trust. Our carpet cleaning experts are rigorously trained on our top of the line equipment and are always staying up-to-date on cleaning products, equipment, and techniques.


Hiring a carpet cleaning company should be easy, and it can be…if you choose us.

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    Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia

    In Philly, we know that second best doesn’t cut it – and that’s our approach to carpet cleaning. If it’s not the best, why do it. We know that carpet cleaning companies in Philly are a dime a dozen; so let us show you why we’re the best.

    Even though carpet cleaning is our most requested service, tile and grout cleaning seems to be a company favorite. Our clients love the results and our carpet cleaners love doing it because its an instantaneous way to make a client happy!

    Carpets are not the only type of floors we clean; we also clean hardwood flooring (and laminate). While hardwood flooring needs a has approach, we still provide the utmost care to your home and business which is the backbone of our customer service.

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