Pet & Stain Removal in Philadelphia

Just like you, at Philadelphia Carpet Cleaning Pro’s we love our pets and they are part of the family too but accidents can happen and unfortunately, if you don’t clean them up properly, pet stains and odor can be hard to eliminate.


And while there are great options that you can buy at your local Target to remove the stain on the surface, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that the underlying stain and odor is completely removed. This is why calling the right professional carpet cleaning company that can remove not only the stain, but the odor is so important.


Depending on your situation whether it’s a new stain or set stain, our approach may vary but the results will not. We pride ourselves on being the best pet stain removal company in Philadelphia and we want to show you why! Give us a call today to book your cleaning appointment at 215-874-7076.

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    Stain and Odor Removal


    Unfortunately, the worst part about having pets are the accidents they can have and the damage that can be done to your furniture and rugs. At Philadelphia Carpet Cleaning Pro’s we offer pet stain and pet odor removal at an affordable price. Whether you need your carpets cleaned or your furniture cleaned from pet stains, we have the perfect packages for you that are also safe for your furry family members!


    Our cleaners are knowledgeable in a variety of different textures and styles and during your appointment will explain to you what products will work best for your situation and why. With our pet and stain removal process, we can guarantee that your carpets and furniture will smell and look better than you ever imagined! Give us a call today to book your cleaning appointment at 215-874-7076.


    Here are some tips to treat the stains whether their new or dry until you book your pet stain removal and cleaning with us:


    For new (still wet stains, both from spills or pets):


    ⦁ The first step is to try and soak up as much wet stain as possible so it does not seep through. If possible (depending on where the stain is, for example: if an area rug) you can put a newspaper underneath so you can soak up the wetness on both sides of the rug. If you cannot do that because the stain is on a couch, or full-width carpet, just use a paper towel, or towel and apply pressure on the stain by either staining on it or pushing on it until it is almost no longer damp or wet.
    ⦁ Clean the stain with cool, water, and blot dry. Do not scrub! If you are going to attempt to try and over-the-counter stain removal, only use a small amount and test the area first!


    For stains that are there and set, do not:


    ⦁ Use a steam cleaner. This will only set the stain and odor by binding them together into your carpet making them almost impossible to remove completely.
    ⦁ Use chemicals like vinegar, these strong odors (specifically with pet stains) can actually have the opposite effect on animals and make them more prone to urinate in those areas.


    But honestly, what you should really do is call a professional carpet cleaning company like us to help get the stains out. We have successfully helped over a thousand customers get stains out of their carpets, so give us a call at 215-874-7076 to get a free quote on pet stain removal today!

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